Feelings and emotions


감정  =  feeling, emotion

느낌  = feeling, sense

·   느끼다   = to feel

기분  = feelings, mood

·  기분이 좋다 = to feel good

·  기분이 나쁘다 = to feel bad

안색 = face colour or expression

·  오늘 안색이 안 좋아. =  You don't look good today . / Why  are you  blue today ?

표정 = expression, face, look

·   놀란 표정 = a surprised look

·   표정이 밝다 = to look bright (happy)

·   표정이 없는 얼굴 =  inexpressive face

사상 = thought, idea

정서 = emotion

·   정서적으로 = emotional

태도 = attitude

·  태도가 좋다 = to have a good attitude

·  태도가 나쁘다 = to have a bad attitude


Feelings and moods:

기쁘다 = to be glad

행복하다  = to be happy

사랑하다 = to love

날아갈 것 같다 = to be in the 9th heaven

동정하다 =  to have sympathy (for) , pity (for) , compassion (for)

신나다  = be excited, elated

웃다  = to smile

즐겁다  = to be pleasant

좋아하다  = to like

편안하다  = to be comfortable

불변하다 = to be uncomfortable, unpleasant

만족하다 = to be satisfied

불만스럽다  = to be dissatisfied, discontented 

걱정하다  = to be worried

무섭다  = to be scared

뭔가 허전하다 = to feel like something is missing

밉다  = to hate (used with people)

미워하다 = to hate, dislike

놀라다  = to be surprised

부끄럽다 = to be ashamed, embarrassed

화나다  = to be angry

불안하다  = to be anxious, nervous

불안해지다 = to become / get anxious, nervous, restless

초조하다  = to be angry, nervous

슬프다  = to be sad

슬퍼하다 = to be sad, sorrowful

·   개의 죽음에 깊이 슬퍼해요. = I'm very sad by the death of my dog.

실망스럽다  = to be disappointed

실망하다  =  to be disappointed

우울하다, 울적하다  = ato be depressed, gloomy

가엽다 = to feel sorry (for), to pity

쓸쓸하다 = to feel alone

외롭다 = to be alone

후회하다 = to regret

지루하다  = to be boring

심심하다 = to be bored

질리다  = to be sick and tired (of)

불상하다 = to be  ill-omened, ominous

짜증나다 = to be irritated, to be annoyed

창피하다  = to be ashamed

피곤하다  = to be tired

떨리다 = to shake,  tremble

내키지 않다 = to be in no mood to, be halfhearted

가슴이 아프다 = to be heart-stricken,  heartbroken

마음이 무겁다  = to have a heavy heart

가슴이 답답하다 = to feel a pressure on one's chest, feel heavy with worries

얼굴을 찌푸리다 = to make faces

얼굴을 구기다 = to frown (at), scowl (at), grimace

·   지금 뭣 때문에 얼굴을 구기고 있니? = Why you're making faces?

시무록하다 = to have a “long face”

·   그런 시무록한 얼술은 보이지 마라! = Don't put on such a long face.

·   왜 시무록한 표정이야? = What's with that long face?


Written and translated by: 이사벨

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