Jeju Island


Spring in Jeju Island

Summer in Jeju Island

Autumn in Jeju Island

Winter in Jeju Island

The beach of Jeju

Wonang Waterfall - 원앙폭포

Halla Mountain - 한라산

Baengnokdam Volcanic Lake aka "White Deer Lake" - 백록담

Sangumburi Crater - 산굼부리

Cheonjiyeon Waterfall - 천지연폭포

The way to Jonjaam (Buddhist temple) 존자암 가는 길

Manjang Cave (one of the longest lava tube in the world) - 만장굴

Bangsatap Stone Towers - 방사탑 (There are many Bangsataps and you can see them near the countryside in Jeju. People usually pile up many stones, making a shape like a tower in order to protect themselves from the bad luck in their village.)

Hallim Park - 한림공원

The most famous hotels in Jeju Island (which are also found in Seoul)

Ramada Plaza Jeju  Hotel - 제주  라마다 프라자 호텔

Lotte Jeju Hotel - 제주 롯데호텔 

Silla Jeju Hotel - 제주신라호텔


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