20 K-Drama Phrases You Need To Know

Hello K-drama lovers. Here  we have some series of common phrases from K-dramas. I hope this will help you understand better your favourite movies, without having to read the subtitles. I've prepared several series like this that will help you, not only in understanding movies, but in real life too. However, we have to be careful when we use this because there are very informal phrases. See you soon! cool

1.    너 무슨 문제라도 있냐? = What’s your problem?

2.    너 주제 파악이나 좀 하지? = Who do you think you are?

3.    너 지금 누구하고 이야기하는거니? = Who do you think you’re talking to?

4.    내가 누군지 알아? = Do you know who I am?

5.    니가 감히! = How dare you!

6.    그따위로 나한테 말하지마! = Don’t talk to me like that!

7.    너 너무했어! = You’ve gone too far!

8.    더이상 너에 대해 못참겠어! = I can’t take you any more!

9.    내시간을 낭비하지마! = Don’t waste my time anymore.

10. 너  네가 꼴보기도 싫어! = I never want to see you again!

11. 내 눈 앞에서 꺼져버려!  = Get out of my sight.

12. 다신 내 앞에 나타나지 마!  = Never show your face to me again!

13. 너 원하는게 뭐야? = What do you want?

14. 그건 너 문제잖아. = That’s your problem.

15. 듣기 싫어! = I don’t want to hear it!

16. 나한테 변명하지마. = Don’t give me your excuses.

17. 불만 있어? = Do you have a problem (with me)?

18. 너 미쳤어! = You’re crazy!

19. 너 미쳤니? = Are you insane / out of your mind?

20. 니가 어찌 그렇게 말할수 있어? = How can you say that?


Written by: 이사벨

Sourceendic.naver.com, academia.edu, daum.net

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