Contest - "I love my bias" <3


Hello everyone!

As promised, we will organize a contest because we have more than 1000 likes on our Facebook page  ( ). We have always kept our word, haven't we? ^^

Thinking about these little ”fights” between Romanian fans, we decided to try and get them closer. We think you all are already curious what we re talking about, hehe. Before telling you what is about, we would like to tell you some words, our dear readers.

Thank you a lot for your support during all this time,

for your patience and interest shown to our little community. 

Thank you for your enthusiasm when participating in our contests

and the trust you have had in us, until now.

We have never thought that we were about to get here, to be knows in other countries,

and to communicate with so many special people -you,

to unite so many people and to be close in good and bad moments.

Thank you for choosing to spend time with us

and we hope to not disappoint you from now on.

What is it about? - Description:

As usual, we are not going to ask for impossible things. You have to like our page, then like and share the picture representative for the fan-club you want to support. We will create a photo album on our page, where we will upload all pictures of the fan-clubs participating in this contest, with their website/forum/Facebook page's link. We wish to get all fans together and see which fan-clubs are the most popular in Romania.  There is no limit in age or asking for support in other countries. You can promote your fan-club in foreign fan-clubs that support the same band/idol. One single person can vote for more fan-clubs. The contest is adressed only to Romanian fan-clubs (ATENTION!!!), but there is no limit when promoting your fan-club. The prizes will be offered as sponsorization for the fan-club that wins, and the fan-club is obligated to organize a contest and offer them as prizes for its fans. Please be serious and we wish to all of you good luck!


Rules for the participating fan-clubs:

1. Each participating fan-club is obligated to edit its own representative photo for its fan-club. On all photos there has to  be written the link  of the fan-club and its name and also the flag of Romania. 

2. Each fan-club had the right to participate only once and has to be official or with unique name in Romania! All fan-clubs that will apply twice are disqualified.

3. Each fan-club is obligated to share its own picture and get more likes. KCC.Romania will not share or like none of them because we don't want to create confusions and be accused that we promote any fan-club. If we choose to promote them, we will do it for a general support of all participating fan-clubs.

4. All fan-clubs that will attack other fan-clubs will be proposed to be disqualified and, depending on the votes (half+1), will be or not disqualified.

5. The winner is obligated to organize a contest and offer the prizes for its fans. If not, that fan-club will never be accepted to participate in our contests again.



1. Send to us the name of your fan-club, your edited photo and the name of the administrator/moderator that applies (can be your nickname used inside your fan-club). -you can use private message on Facebook or email:

2. Like our page (from the participating fan-club's profile) and wait for us to post your photo and to confirm your participation.

3. Promote and support your fan-club by liking and sharing your photo.


The prizes offered by us: a plastic folder with bear, two sets of chopsticks, a pair of socks with PSY and a sticker for phone. 



Period of the contest: 04.04.2013 - 04.08.2013

Good luck!


Written by: Admin So-jung

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