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20 K-Drama Phrases You Need To Know (Part II)

20 K-Drama Phrases You Need To Know

Hello K-drama lovers. Here  we have some series of common phrases from K-dramas.


Letter of the bereaved families of the children who died in Sewol ferry sinking accident

Thank you for coming here to see the faces of our children.

(2014.05.03; All Sewol victims bereaved families at Danwon Highschool)



Preparation of documents for KGSP - by Kim So-Jung

Korean Universities

2014 Korean Government Scholarship Program - Graduate Degree

Guideline for International Students Enrolled in Graduate Programs


2014 GLOBAL KOREA SCHOLARSHIP - Undergraduate Degree

Korean Government Scholarship Program for

International Students for an Undergraduate Degree



Korean Names

        As a general pattern, a Korean has two names:  first of all the family name, then this is followed by a personal or given name.

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