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Hello guys,


Here is Administrator So-jung, known as Kim So-jung on this website. I decided to help you guys reach your dream about getting this scholarship that Korean Government generiously offers to us. Therefore, here is the check list of all documents:

Check List for Application Documents


1. Personal Data (Attachment #1)

2. Self-Introduction (Attachment #2)

3. Study Plan (Attachment #3)

4. Letter of Recommendation (1) (Attachment #4)

5. Pledge (Attachment #5)

6. Personal Medical Assessment (Attachment #6)

7. Diploma or certificate of graduation from undergraduate institution

8. Official transcript of previously attended undergraduate institution(s)

9. Diploma or certificate of graduation from graduate institution


10. Official transcript of previously attended graduate institution(s)


11. Certificate of TOPIK score (original copy), if applicable

12. Certificate of TOEFL or IELTS score (original copy), if applicable

13. Published papers, if applicable

14. Awards, if applicable

15. Copy of passport (possible to submit after selection)

16. Certificate of citizenship of applicant and his/her parents: birth certificate,

passport, Certificate of nationality expatriation, etc.

17. Adoption documents (*only for overseas Korean adoptees)

o Note

* Selection for successful candidates will be done strictly by the NIIED Selection Committee.

Therefore, appropriate documents should be submitted by the deadline. 

- Dual applications are not accepted. Applicants must apply for this program via only one institution.

- Documents should be presented in their original form.

- Submitted documents will not be returned to the applicants.

- Incomplete or incorrect documents may lead to application rejection or failure in the Selection Committee,

and scholarship revocation even after entry into Korea.

- In case of submitting photocopied documents, applicants must submit the original to the 1st Selection Institution and have the original one and the photocopied one collated. The confirmation of collation should be indicated in the photocopied documents.

- Applicants who are expected to graduate from their respective home undergraduate/graduate institutions by

 August 31st, 2014, must submit the certificate (or letter) of expected graduation issued by said institutions when

they apply; the official certificate of graduation must be received by NIIED by August 31st, 2014.

- Applicants must accurately complete the health checklist truthfully. All successful candidates must take

a comprehensive medical exam when its’ orientation. In accordance with the requirements of the Korea

Immigration Service and the KGSP Program, the candidates who are judged to be physically unfit for this program

will not be accepted.

- Applicants may submit the copies of published papers, if available.

- Applicants may submit the copies of awards, if available.

* Applicants must submit all the documents by the checklist order. (Checklist for the application documents should be on the front page, followed by the required documents, stapled and attached.)

* Transferring to a different university after confirming the host university is not permitted in any cases. In regards to changing majors, it would be permitted only under the mutual agreement of the departments concerned only within the same university, with the scholarship period unchanged. (2 years of Master’s, or 3 years of doctoral, in total). However, quitting a program and applying for a new one is not permitted. 

Here are the list of documents for Master Degree:

01- Personal Data Form.docx

02 - Self Introduction Form.docx

03 - Study Plan Form.docx

04 - Letter of Recommandation Form (2copies).docx

05 - Pledge Form.docx

06 - Personal Medical Assesment Form.docx

However, for Undergraduate Degree we need other documents and the order changes a little bit:

01- UD - Application Form.docx

02- UD - Pledge Form.docx

03 - UD - Personal Statement Form.docx

04 - UD - Study Plan Form.docx

05 - UD - Letter of Recommandation Form (2copies).docx

06 - UD - Personal Medical Assesment Form.docx

07 - UD - Medical Health Certificate Form.docx

NOTE: All forms have to have their number on the top of right side of each page! Make sure you write their number! Also, read carefully all notes published on www.studyinkorea.go.ko for details of each year.


Selection Schedule - Master Degree

o Application Period : Feb.3rd ~ Mar. 31st (decided by the 1st Selection Institution)

o The 1st Selection : The end of March (decided by the 1st Selection Institution)

o Deadline for Recommendation to NIIED : April 11th (All documents must be received by NIIED.)

o The 2nd Selection : Mid to End-April (NIIED Selection Committee)

o Announcement for the Results of the 2nd Selection : May 1st (posted on GKS websites)

o Admission Procedures for the Korean Embassies’ candidates: May 2n~May 30th

o Announcement for Final Successful Candidates : June 17th (GKS

o Visa Issue and Air ticket purchase : June 18th ~ July 31st

o Entry into Korea : August 25th ~ August 27th

o NIIED Orientation : August 28th ~ August 29th

o Korean Language Course : September 1st


Selection Procedures - Undergraduate Degree



Selection Procedures → Application Procedures

~ September 1

[1st SELECTION] Korean embassy or consulate (hereafter KE) announces its plan of selection of candidates

Applicants check the KE plan [*Application deadline is to be decided by KE]

September ~ October

KE selects qualified candidates

Applicants submit the required documents and have an interview according to the KE plan

~ November 11

KE recommends the qualified candidates to NIIED

November 25

[2ND SELECTION] It is done by NIIED Selection Committee.

NIIED announces the result of the 2nd selection

Candidates who successfully pass through the 2nd selection submit a copy of their visa and a health certificate(FORM 7) to KE (KE forwards them to NIIED)

December ~

January 13, 2012

[3RD SELECTION] Application for admission to a university

 - NIIED sends candidates’ documents to the relevant universities: December 2, 2011

 - Each university takes the following procedures and announces its successful applicants:

~ January 6, 2012

  Candidates confirm their acceptance of the university that they receive admission to: January 10, 2012

 - Each university notifies the NIIED of candidates’ choice: January 13, 2012

January 17

NIIED announces the final successful candidates

February 10

KE notifies NIIED of the grantee’ entry itinerary

Grantees check their entry itinerary and make preparations to enter Korea

February 20 ~ 29

Grantees enter Korea


①      Grantees will reside in a university dormitory.

②      The dormitory fee will be deducted out of the monthly stipend by the university.

Be careful of the possibilities of cancellation or suspention of scholarship! Cancellation and Temporary suspension of Scholarship

①     Cancellation of Scholarship: If a grantee is found engaged in any of the following activities during his/her stay in Korea, his/her scholarship will be suspended and then will be disqualified from a grantee position.

-    When any documents of the scholarship application has been found false

-    When the grantee is punished by the university s/he belongs to

-    When the grantee has violated the written pledge which s/he has given to NIIED

-    When the grantee has violated the guidelines and regulations set by NIIED

-    When the grantee does not get admission to a university after the preliminary one year Korean language course

-    When the grantee does not reach level 1 in TOPIK after the completion of the preliminary one year Korean language course

-    When the grantee does not reach level 3 in TOPIK after the completion of the additional 6 month Korean language course

-    When the grantee has not earned at least 2/3 of the registered credit courses of the semester

-    When the grantee goes to his/her country of origin or to another country for the purpose of joining an exchange program operated by the university s/he belongs to

-    When the grantee has not notified NIIED of re-enrollment without any proper reasons after the period of ‘leave of absence from school’ has ended

-    When the grantee gets more than three warnings

-    When the grantee has given up his/her studies

②    Temporary suspension of Scholarship

-    While taking a preliminary Korean language course, grantees may stay out of Korea for up to 2 weeks during semester; for up to 4 weeks within the period of vacation during vacation with permission from the Korean language institute they belong to. However, the scholarship for the period of absence will not be paid

While taking a bachelor’s degree course, grantees may stay out of Korea for up to 60 days at one departure, with permission from the university they belong to. However, the scholarship for the period of absence exceeding 30 days per semester (including vacation) will not be paid.


If you have any other questions, please refer to:   => For Undergraduate Informations   => For Graduate Informations    => About Korean Universities   => The list of Korean Embassies or Consulates



Article written by: So-jung


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