Halloween Party in Asian Style!


Asian Mystery Night

This year, on the 3rd of November KCC Romania collaborated with B.A.P Romania in realizing a very special Halloween party, which took place in Bumtzi Club, no.12 Sebastian Street, Bucharest.

The party was dedicated to all lovers of Asian culture, regardless of age. Not only listeners of K-pop music, but also those of J-pop and C-pop could find their favorite songs in the playlist. Therefore, all those present could enjoy the music, dancing, all the surprises prepared, prizes and contests.

One of the most popular games of the evening was represented by the mime game – where 6 teams were formed and because at the end, 3 teams came to a draw, a small dancing contest on Super Junior’s songs was organized and the winning team received the prize. Another game that was found to be really successful was the “kissing card game”, which due to its popularity, lasted a whole lot more than originally scheduled. 

The prizes which were given that night did not stop here. In addition to those offered for winning the contests, prizes were given for the best costume and the most active person. Also, JJ Project Romania, official partners of the event, held a raffle in which posters and stickers with the two artists were given away. Most likely those who participated to “Asian Mystery Night” wondered what was the story behind the unique menu. But when ordering the drink they had chosen, they were pleasantly surprised to see that they received a sticker with the band whose name was written next to the drink which they had just ordered from the menu.

A song which was loved by all those present and which made most of the participants rise and dance along was Psy’s song, “Gangnam Style”, which has already conquered the hearts of everyone on the globe. His song could be heard countless times throughout the entire night and each time it had the same impact on the public. Those who remained till late also participated in karaoke and they enjoyed singing and humming the songs that they found dear to them together with friends.

Besides all this, in order to celebrate Young Saeng’s birthday, member of the band SS501, the organizers of the event placed within the club a panel where fans could leave messages and good wishes for the artist.

Asian Mystery Night” was the first event of its kind that the organizers have held and it proved to be quite successful and all those who took part in it can confirm that they had a good time with their friends. What other future projects are they planning on carrying out…? We’re all curious. Let’s watch them closely and give them our support.

More opinions and videos at:  http://www.facebook.com/events/119694888184205/

More photos at:  http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.425178574203729.107089.303092536412334&type=3


Special thanks to Ha Neul ^^ – reporter at KCC Romania

Translated by: Ha Neul


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