Second interview about KCC.Romania -


Why did you start kcc.Romania?

Everything started almost 4 years ago. I used to have a forum for Korean culture lovers, named Love Korea. I first started for myself, because I was interested to find out more informations. Then, first member registered and so on. I had a team, we translated articles about Korea together. More than 1 year ago, I decided that we are too many forums in Romania for the same thing, so I proposed to unite 5 of them and I succeded. We have worked together in a new forum ( ), we have now a lot of articles and we are trying our best to write about all themes, but a country’s culture is big. This year only, we decided to move (again) to a website. We wanted to be more elegant and official as appearance. Now we only move all the informations we have to this new website ( ). So, the reason why I started this „project” is because I love asians. And from all of them, Koreans are the most interesting and most hard-working people I’ve ever seen.

What got you interested in Korean Culture?

Hmm…First it started with Asia. I loved Asia since I was a kid. Then, I discovered China, Japan and, just a few years ago, Korea. I fell in love with their culture and traditions, right after I started the language. I have studied in Univeristy history, culture and literature and I am impressed each day by them. I was always proud of how Koreans dealed with debts in the past. I am inspired on how education works and how people keep their tradition.

What are your plans and goals with the website and your major?

Well, with the website I hope that all people who are interested in Korean Culture to find out new and interesting things. I am planning on promoting and spreading Korean Culture in more languages than Romanian and English. Also, to spread Romanian culture in English and Korean hehe. I also want to keep close all K-fans and get in touch with them throught our activities and contests.

Are you thinking of living in Korea?

I used to wish that in the past. I have never been to Korea yet, so I cannot decide anything. But, I plan to visit it at least, if I cannot get a scholarship for Master, and then see how I fit in Korea. Of course I want to work there, get experience with Koreans and practice more Korean than here, but life is impredictible. Who can see the future, please tell me how mine is. haha

Are you thinking of being a professor teaching Korean at a University?

Well, I am teaching Korean in private and on my website too. I haven’t taken the pedagogy class so I cannot teach yet. But who knows? If I will get this chance, I will think of it and, maybe, give it a try.

PS: Thank you Seoul Searching for the wristband!




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