Letter of the bereaved families of the children who died in Sewol ferry sinking accident


Thank you for coming here to see the faces of our children.

(2014.05.03; All Sewol victims bereaved families at Danwon Highschool)


We are the bereaved families of the lost children in Sewol ferry sinking accident.


Some of us already found at least the dead body of our child. But please pray first for the people who are still waiting heartbroken for the missing children at Jindo. Also, we express together our condoleances for the victims: the crew staff, part-time working teachers and other common passagers, and we hope that our sorrow heart will be delievered to them (the victims). We lost our children and, with the behaviour of the competent Government and of the Accident Countermeasures Headquarters of putting careless -here and there- increased altar places like a national funeral festival, while we lost our mind because of the accident, it seems like an exorbitan lie and it seems like they are only putting on a show (for the public). This cannot be the treatment that can share the sorrow of losing our children.

Since the first day of the accident, even if they could do rescue operations, they did not. And we waited and trusted this government that only took pictures, and only was breefing, and did meeting. The media (press) said that time that the government do the best rescue operations. We, the parents, watched at the scene with both eyes, but they didn't do anything.  We are powerless common people that worked for our families, paid regularly the taxes and trusted the government.

The goverment made us (the parents) sacrifice with enormeous sorrow of losing our sons/daughters/children, and at media circulated the fact that they offered psychological support and life stability measures to the families that overnight (suddenly) became bereaved families. They said this only to catch the heart of the national people (politically speaking) and they do not care about the rest of the children left on the ship. There are still bodies that have not been found yet and by distorting the truth they make us feel sorry again to the volunteers and to the furious Korean people.


Our innocent children of the last video...

„Mom,dad I love you. Younger sister/brother what shall I do?”

„Ya~ look like a helicopter”


Answering „yes” to the broadcast that says to stay in the ship, our children were worried more about the teachers!

We watched the video and we felt like the pain of the blood risen backwards (=in the oposite dirrection; meaning that they were extremly angry and they suffered a lot). We still cannot accept this situation. People, we are still in doubt (of not trusting the government). They are just making excuses like the captain and the reefs and they are pointing out the fact that the situation is overloaded. But we cannot understand why they did not save our children who believed in us. And they also manipulated the media... After threw away those children and escaped (ran away and not show in front of the media;  I think they talk still about the government), the school stuff of Danwon Highschool did not offer even one alternative or consolation to the lost parents or the teachers that did not show up (appear)...at the broadcast it says that the school is about to get back to it’s normal way but as we see everyday healty children going to school, we are heartbreaken and feel envious. The children attending school too are our children. We are still the parents of the students. However, we cannot forgive the school stuff, who negleted their own duty and only tried to avoid their responsability, the fact that they left the rest of the children (there). We also think school should go back to it’s normal way.

Please investigate (clarify) the true causes of the accident so that our children can smile together widely in the Heaven (=may rest in peace). Everyone, please support (help/empower) us so this can happen. We are asking (requiring) special prosecution/ counseling of the people that can be trusted. We are not protesting. Of course, it is our right to be able to request this as people of this nation, as bereaved families who lost their children. Lastly, we thank you for visiting our children and,


Please make sure that you remember (one by one) each of our children’s innocent faces.


Article translated by: Admin Sojung and Jamin

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