The Shamanic believes of the Neolithic man


The Neolithic man was sure that any object from earth had a soul and man’s soul was immortal. Therefore, in order to bury the deceased’s body various rituals were practiced. Stones were put around the head to protect the man from evil spirits. The things that he used during his lifetime were also buried next to him and his body was placed with the head eastward, towards the sunrise.
It was also believed that the spirits of the natural things such as rivers, mountains or trees were the same with men’s and were considered gods. From all of them, the Sun and its worship are maybe the best proofs of the numerous examples that can be seen as myths of men’s birth from eggs. For example, it is said that Yuhwa got pregnant after the Sun shone over her abdomen, and she gave birth to an egg, from which Jumong was born (the founder of Goguryeo). Pak Hyokkose`s birth is again described as being from an egg. The name of Pak was given to him because his body shed sun beams. Both legends are about divine creatures, taught to be the Sun’s children.
While the good spirits, like the Sun were bringing luck to people, it was thought that the evil ones, like those from the darkness bear forth bad luck. That’s why the apparition of magicians, mediators capable of chasing away the evil spirits and of conjuring the gods to bring joy to those in need, was a must.


Translated by: Florentina Teodora

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